A realm entirely too mysterious to me. Albeit my recent introduction to musicals, the majority – well, practically everything remains unexplored. However, the best of opportunities tend to come from exploring the unknown.

There’s something alluring about watching actors gaze into the crowd and sing their hearts out. For a handful of nights a year, they are everyone but themselves.

I’ve seen that magic from the comfort of an audience seat, even been sandwiched between avid theatre goers and novice ones. No matter where we are on the spectrum, we are all moved.

But never have I had the chance to exchange an audience seat for the floor of a dance studio or a chair in a choir room. Until the last day of this production, I will have a place among the cast and crew. Thus far, I’ve gotten to see the hours of practices and (literal) sweat put into this production.

The opening night of In the Heights is less than a month away. Although it is nothing like the challenge the actors face when donning the persona of a character, for the remaining weeks, I will be putting aside the familiarity of academics for the hectic world of a Broadway musical.

Through this blog, I’ll be documenting what captivates, inspires, and even challenges me. I will for sure have a crazy schedule with the rehearsals remaining until opening night, but I’ve managed to find inspiration and fascination in this past month.

Maybe you’ve attended almost all the local theater productions. Even acted in some.

Or maybe, you’re like me – curious but unsure where to start.

Whatever category you may or may not fall into, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with the journey from rehearsals to opening night.

Hopefully, I can bring a sliver of the behind-the-scenes beauty to you.

Tickets are available at Blue Top Reprographics and online.

$20 General Admission
$15 Discounted Students and Seniors (65+)

Eventbrite - In The Heights


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